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Our Products Our cork stoppers cover the following major groups:

Wine Cork Stoppers

Since ancient times, the best choice for sealing wine bottles.

Effervescent Wine Cork Stoppers

When the main function is to resist high pressures.

Cork Stoppers For Spirits

For those who prefer a custom design associated with function.

About Us

The know-how comes from the founder’s experience, over more than 20 years, in the different phases of the cork business. We are based in the heart of the cork industry in Portugal, in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, and we produce natural cork stoppers and technical stoppers, using the latest and best industrial practices. Our mission is to develop products that meet the needs of our customers, complying with all legal requirements and in accordance with the sector’s specific systems, always with a modern and avant-garde management approach. We export to the five continents, hoping to contribute to the planet’s sustainability, through quality production and towards the adequacy and functionality of our products: “From Nature to Bottle”.

Our Cork Stoppers

Natural Cork Stoppers

Micro-agglomerated Cork Stoppers

Agglomerated Cork Stoppers

Cork Stoppers 1+1

Spark Cork Stoppers

Bartop and Custom Cork Stoppers

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